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TDK products: TDK products are widely used in information, communication, household appliances and consumer electronics products such as mobile phones, laptops, DVD / HDD recorders, flat panel displays, automotive and navigation systems.

Yageo products: Yageo is the world's leading passive component suppliers.

Yageo currently ranked the world's R-chip chip resistor market share first, the MLCC MLCC and magnetic materials market of the world's top three ranks.

Samsung Products: Samsung Semiconductor Korean agents, agents Samsung Electro-series chip capacitors, chip tantalum capacitors, chip resistors and so on.

Company Profile

Hong Kong Xinda Technology Co., Ltd., a specialized agency, distribution of various well-known foreign brands of SMT electronic components company, is Taiyo Yuden (TAIYO YUDEN), Yageo (YAGEO), Samsung (SAMSUNG), an agent.

Since its inception, with standardized management, stringent quality assurance, strong technical support, the pursuit of reasonable profit, the operating principle of good faith and dedicated professionalism, and strive to meet the different needs of various manufacturers, providing a full range of professional service to customers in the company has a good reputation, which has won more and more manufacturer support and trust, the company continued to expand.

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